Miniature Mouse Tree Dolls House inspired by Brambly Hedge

When I was very little my Mum bought the Jill Barklem Brambly Hedge books for me and I loved them.  I used to paint and draw pictures copied from the books and I had posters on my wall.  I still have my original books and, about a year ago, I read them to my twin 4 year old boys.  I had just finished making my first miniature project ( and was looking for inspiration for my next piece of work whilst waiting for the new Hobbit movie to be released……11 months later, this is the result – a Brambly Hedge inspired Dolls House

The house has now been sold if you are interested in any of my other work, please check my Etsy shop ( (click to be taken there) or  email me at


The whole thing is inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem in her wonderful book “Spring Story” (see link below)


          The frame and bark are completely hand made from scratch – see the post ‘how I made the tree house’ for details

       The laundry room – the towels are made from old baby bibs from when my twins were young and the cloths are strips of ribbon

And of course it had to have Mushrooms!!!  I made these out of Fimo and each one is approx 3mm across so very fiddly! I bought the dressers, but the one in the pantry was not tall enough so I made some more shelves to make it taller to match the one in the book.


I am quite proud of this fireplace – it is made from scraps of wood, fimo and an old egg whisk! See how I made it here

I made the mouse by modifying a Dolls House Emporium doll – I took off the doll’s head and made a head and hands out of Fimo.

    I made all of the food myself from Fimo and liquid Fimo.

I made the beams from strips of wood – I aged them by whittling down with a craft knife and then used coloured beeswax to stain them.  The fireplace is made from a frame of wood, cement painted to look like stone and sticks from my garden!  I added a flickering bulb from Matlock Miniatures (got all my lights from there too)


I could not find a four poster bed to fit the bedrooms, so I custom made them from leftover wood from the ceiling beams

My mum sent me the apple blossom from USA – they have much more selection over there and it looks way more realistic than anything I could find here.  Thanks Mum xxx

I bought the fireplace from a wonderful shop in Chesterfield – The Dolls House Gallery.  If you are a dolls house fan, it’s worth a trip as it is like an Aladdin’s cave!

You can connect with me on Twitter (although I rarely use it I’m more of a facebook person!) @maddsrocks

109 Responses to “Miniature Mouse Tree Dolls House inspired by Brambly Hedge”

  1. Nancy Ferguson Says:

    This is the greatest thing I have ever seen- just fell in love. Absolutely enchanting and heartwarming.

  2. Valentine Peiffer Says:

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    […] knock my socks any off more than these other magnificent houses?” Well, get ready because Mad’s Mouse House is about to blow your mind! Taking 11 months to complete (you can see how it was made here), the […]

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