How I made the Miniature Mouse Tree House

I started with a lot of MDF – I cut the pieces and whilst I was cutting them, my twins drew pictures on them to “help” :-).  They called the pictures “dragon party” – they take after me with a love of fantasy.  I had no plans as such, just a scribbled drawing on a piece of paper with rough dimensions that I hoped would be ok.



I then stuck all the wood together and decorated :-)

DSC01458 (2)  IMG_0131

I covered the chicken wire tree frame with modroc.  I decided  I was not happy with the fact I had missed off the little store room in the front big tree root, so I built a little separate room and stuck it down to be covered with plaster etc at a later date. It took a couple of hours, but I am glad I did it.


I went to Sherwood forest to do some research on trees!  Took my twins and the dogs and took lots of photos and had lots of fun ‘hunting for Robin Hood’ I made the tree bark out of Masonry cement which is actually pretty difficult – my idea was to take a silicone cast of some bark (which I did) then press it into the plaster/cement, but when I did this it just kept falling off so I just had to ‘dab’ at it and it turned out ok!

IMG_0379  IMG_0391   IMG_0378

Close up of the bark and moss.  Once the cement was dry, I painted it different shades of brown and added different types of moss, grass and flock to make it look more realistic.

IMG_0393  IMG_0392

I made the fireplaces myself – out of scraps of wood, metal paint, I made hinges out of fimo and the bars are my egg whisk!! I needed some thin metal bars and that was what I had to hand.


I finally added a flickering fire lightbulb and some pans.

I made the wardrobe and cupboard in the bathroom out of pieces of wood – I did look in dolls house shops etc for ones to buy, but could not find any that were the right size so custom built them.

Next I made the beds out of pieces of wood I had leftover from making the beams on the ceiling.  I borrowed my Grandma’s sewing machine to make the curtains!

IMG_0472  IMG_0480


All the window frames are hand-made.  I measured the window holes, then cut pieces of wood to match and then used liquid wax to colour and added ‘glass’ (thin perspex).  I then added pieces of wood for shelves and made some curtains to match.  I bought fat quarters of material from Hobbycraft to make all the curtains with.  All the curtain tie backs are the small ribbons that come in clothes when they are new to hang on hangers with.  I always cut them out and save them (and finally found a good use for them!)

IMG_0126  IMG_0127

The floors are made from sheets of thin wood floorboards (dolls house emporium) and varnished/stained.  The stone flooring is made with ‘realistic stone flooring’ from Bromley craft products – you get a stencil, make up the stone mix and spread it on.  Once it is dried you can add shading etc.  I highly recommend this stuff as it is a lot cheaper than buying individual floor tiles and looks effective.

The grass at the front is static grass which you can get from miniature railway shops or Games Workshop.


Made some extra shelves for the pantry dresser so that it is as tall as the one in the book.


The bricks are made from cement and painted to look like stone.  All the wood in the house is stained with coloured beeswax and carved with a craft knife to age it.


leftover wood strips from the beams – made these into a little table for the bedroom (see above)  they also were made into the bed frames.  I rarely throw any craft materials away as they can so often be used for other things if you have enough imagination!

I searched and searched for wallpaper to match the bedroom from the book, but could not find any, so in the end I painted it by hand and used a tiny flower stamp that I found in my craft box to stamp on the pattern.

IMG_0315  IMG_0318

frame all made and just waiting for decoration.

I really enjoyed making this house – my twins were really enthusiastic and drew pictures of mice for me and ‘instruction’ pictures to help me :-)

Sorry to all those expecting to see ‘The Prancing Pony’  I got so far with it, then decided it was looking too much like a traditional dolls house, and I lost all enthusiasm.  Watch this space though, because I will very soon be returning to Lord of the Rings projects!

110 Responses to “How I made the Miniature Mouse Tree House”

  1. Muriel Says:

    Bravo pour ce travail de minutie pour réaliser cette magnifique demeure où des petites bêtes se sentiront bien !

  2. karen Says:

    MY. GOD. WOMAN. THIS IS AMAZING!!!! And so is your Hobbit project! I don’t even like Tolkien, but the miniature makes me want to go back and read it again. Surely – SURELY – you could make a substantial living by doing miniatures of real-life manors, etc., or other fantasy worlds for wealthy clients. You are poised to become world-renowned. Truly amazing talent!!!!

  3. Kathy wright Says:

    Truly amazing, you are so talented, and very inspirational, keep up the good work.

  4. Kathleen Lynch Says:

    Absolutely amazing!

  5. homecreationseveryday Says:

    Wow you have done an excellent job! WOW! This is a beautiful job and amazing project! Thank you for posting your DIY on this doll house :)

  6. Gladys Says:

    I so love this – truly amazing.I will come back and look and look again at all the detail – too much to take in at one go.

  7. Irene Jager Says:

    Super, die boomhut. ik benhelemaal geinspireerd geraakt. Dit wordt mijn volgend project voor op mijn tuin bij tuinhuis.!
    irene uit groningen, nederland

  8. Kim Castleberry Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I am trying to make shadow boxes for my daughter’s handmade fairies and did a search on ‘made bark’. That’s how I found you. I would love to make the sides of our little shadow box just like you did here. Would you mind giving me a little more info on how you attached the chicken wire and the frame? I think I can figure out the rest pretty easily, but I simply must use this method for displaying fairies!!! Beautiful, just beautiful!!!!!! If it’s not too much trouble email me with how you did it. I would love to make these as soon as possible. Thanks so much!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Will email u now :-)

      • Ann Says:

        ooh me too, please. I want to make a fairy tree house with my kids. i have made some miniatures in the past but am not in the same league as this!! My 5 year old son and I found this last year and really want to start our project now. i have only ever used papier mache before, not mod roc / chicken wire. I just love your projects and thanks so much for sharing :)

  9. Marilyn Filter Says:

    Pauline all of these are just lovely. Brambley Hedge is for older Children as well–peruse(sp) mine regularly. I do love your blog so keep us all posted. You are really inventive and tell a wonderful story as well. Glad you could retire. It’s great fun

  10. Sandra Jackson Says:

    Do you make and sell your Mouse Doll House’s?. I’d love to buy one for my grandbaby. Thanks.

  11. Deborah Chapman Says:

    absolutely incredible. How long did it take to make ? Ive made two houses from kits. I am a senior citizen but have always loved miniatures. Your little accessories are perfect. The workmanship is incredible. Deborah Chapman, winnipeg, manitoba, Canada

  12. Mir Lla Says:

    all very beautifull. by

  13. poppyleigh-designs Says:

    Holy cow! This dollhouse is amazing!!! I had to show my husband last night. If I ever have a daughter I will be replicating this (but probably won’t be able to do the detail that you have done). You are truly talented (and have a lot of patiences)!

  14. Arlene Wilkinson Says:

    This is a truly amazing project that I would love to attempt. I would love to have this dollhouse for my grandchildren to play with when they visit – make the trip to grandma’s even more special! Would you be able to send any more detail, measurements on cutting MDF, or more detailed instructions on the chicken-wire/bark part of the project. What a truly special project! Thanks for sharing

  15. Susanna Kinnunen Says:

    Love this house <3 Amazing details.
    Greetings from Finland :)

  16. Kim Says:

    Amazing! What in the world would these cost in the USA?

  17. Angie Says:

    Have to laugh! I think we miniaturists have more in common than we realize. I found your site looking for tips for a much smaller Brambly Hedge-themed project. Going to the detailed pic, I noticed your print of “Flaming June” on the wall behind. It’s a favorite of mine and I have it over my books too :) Can’t wait to try a smaller, 2-room version of your mouse mansion – thanks for all the detailed descriptions!

  18. Lynn Furtado Says:

    Oh my goodness – this is just beautiful!! Saw a picture of this on Pinterest and came trotting over immediately. I love Brambly Hedge and this is just perfect!! You are very talented. I have this incredible urge to make a dollhouse again :)

  19. Nadene Says:

    We, my three daughters and I, absolutely LOVE your Hobbit home and this delightful mouse house! We are simply stunned by your attention to detail and the extent of realism! My youngest child (10 years) is inspired … perhaps you have started something in her life? Thanks for sharing your art and talent!

  20. tutanchacon Says:

    you are amazing! I have no words for something so beautiful.

  21. Tan Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has told you this before……..”You are an absolute Genius!!!…..totally love your projects…please make a few more…

  22. a29429976 Says:

    WOW! This is simply stunning, you have inspired me to make my own tree doll house one day! Thank you so much for sharing this xx

  23. 12 Darling DIY Dollhouses Says:

    […] Mouse House is about to blow your mind! Taking 11 months to complete (you can see how it was made here), the detail in this DIY mouse house is exquisite. Inspired by the Brambly Hedge books, this mouse […]

  24. Katy Davies Says:

    Omg this is just amazing my little girl and I are just making plans to do our own this summer Hols can’t wait, how did you make the wood edging inside the bark? Would love any tips can’t wait to get going just wonderfull!!!!!!! :-)

  25. geri sprague Says:

    Truly an amazing creation…It makes me happy just to see it on my computer screen. Thank you for sharing your Mouse House with us.

  26. Rachel Says:

    How long did this project take you to do? It’s absolutely fabulous!

  27. SaM Mattson Says:

    I thrive off of thinking out side the box creativity

    SImply remarkable


  28. Marj Says:

    A friend made a wonderful roombox of Brambly Hedge but this mousehouse is magnificent, truly amazing. Well done. thank you for sharing. .

  29. feathersanddimes Says:

    Speechless at this beautiful treehouse/dollhouse! Amazing work!

  30. Heidi Arkenbout Says:

    This is AWESOME!! And Bag End is wonderful! You’re super talented!! :)

  31. faithy Says:

    WOW!! AMAZING! So awesome..i am speechless!

  32. Jens L Says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Hugely impressive work! I am a carpenter specializing in furniture and interior design, and do not think I could create something like this! I salute you!

  33. Jessica @ Just a Mum? Says:

    Hi there – I just popped over from your hobbit hole post – this one is just as amazing. The detail you put into your work is really awe inspiring. Thank you for posting so many picutres :)

  34. Dee Says:

    Maddie, you really need to publish a book on your houses to share with the world. You are a very talented young woman, well done!

  35. Ilona Says:

    I really love your mouse house. The tree looks so realistic and al those details, just lovely! I noticed some pictures don’t work anymore. If it’s not to much trouble, could you please email them to me? I would really like to see how you made the tree so realistic!

  36. Sally Says:

    Hi! I, too, am not able to see all of the pics. Is it possible that you see them because they’re cached on your PC? (Don’t know if iPads cache!) Counting from the top, here are the ones that I can not see:
    #5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24. (I suppose I could look at the source code to maybe figure out what’s going on, but I’m guessing they’re no longer available from whatever source you’re linking to.)

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      sorry managed to sort most of it eventually! My laptop died and even though I work in IT support I didn’t take a full backup!!! anyway a lot of the missing photos are back now.

  37. Anabela Castelão Says:

    Fantastic Mouse´s House. Congratulations from Portugal and from many Miniaturists of our group. We all think you are incredible. Very good work.
    Wealso can´t see several pictures of the construction. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work with us.

  38. Katie Clarke Says:

    The most stunning, beautiful work ever possible. Really adorable, your ideas are inspirational. You should mass produce as so lovely.
    Wonderful blog, you should win awards for making this.

  39. Keri Klinger Says:

    Hey! I love all of your houses and such! So amazing and beautiful! I know its a bit late to be commenting on this but I would love to know how you get a lot of the lights in your miniature houses to light up! Thanks!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hiya they are dolls house lights from Matlock Miniatures they have little wires that plug into a transformer and then plug into a normal plug socket. All dolls house shops sell them :-)

  40. Ayesha Imran Says:

    I’m speechless i wish i could buy it but i’m sure it’s worth a fortune lol and well deserved too awesome awesome work!!!!!


    […] She is a very artistic and clever miniature enthusiast who has built over the past few years a miniature mouse tree house, a hobbit hole from Lord of the Rings and a witch gingerbread dolls […]

  42. Kkat Says:

    You are a genius! The craftsmanship and detail are just exquisite! I must thank you as you have inspired me to attempt to recreate this for a very special Christmas present for my little niece. It will be nowhere near as lovely as yours but I’m determined to give it a try! I’m just wondering what scale furniture you are using here? Also how wide the rooms are? Any help would be really appreciated! I’m wondering if you’re working on any new projects at the moment?

  43. Vivian Says:

    Maddie, so inspirational, fantastic. So real, I thought originally that you have carved out a tree :), truly a work of art. Good job.

  44. W Says:

    Im so making this for my Sylvanian Families! Its so amazing!!!!!


  45. W Says:

    I love it! u should make heaps and sell them on the internet!!! I would buy one!! But they would cost a fortune! :)

  46. Saira Says:

    Please can u post a tutorial or video about the steps, how u used the chicken wire and modroc and other resources.. This is a dream and after seeing this I want to make something similar for my son.. Please help! I will be forever grateful.. This is so amazing it deserves a bow..and the fact that u keep up with other hobbies, job, children and ur dogs! Bravo!!

  47. Olivia Says:

    Hi I’m in love with your work of art!!!! I simply must purchase it for my 5 year old for her 6th birthday is it for Sale?

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