About me & other projects

I live in Chesterfield England and currently work part-time in IT support (gave up working full time after I had twin boys in 2007)

I play guitar (acoustic and electric) and my favourite music is rock music – Guns N Roses, Metallica, Stone Sour, Incubus etc.  I also love the exercise classes I go to – Kickboxing, Body Combat, Zumba etc

I love animals and have lots of pets and I like painting and drawing as well as other crafts.

Here is a link to my other project (the only other miniature I have ever done)

http://madsgingerbreadhouse.wordpress.com – for sale

You can connect with me on Twitter @maddsrocks https://twitter.com/maddsrocks

and a couple of  pictures of me 🙂

Pirate costume for a fancy dress party 🙂

73 Responses to “About me & other projects”

  1. Lolas Mini Homes Says:

    wow, that is spectacular, i actually thought you used a real tree trunk until i scrolled down… you are soooo talented!

  2. Margona Strömberg Says:

    Hello 🙂 i hope it`s ok that i have borrowed some pictures from you…i love both your handmade houses and have written about you in my swedish blogg


    I`ve written your bloggadress in it also so more people can enjoy your beutiful work!!! I`m so impressed 🙂

    Wish you a wonderful autumn, Kind regards Maggi

  3. Tara Says:

    Seriously. That is the craziest thing ever. WOW!!! You have done amazing work and must be so proud! Outstanding!

  4. meanderingmabe Says:

    This is absolutely amazing! You are so talented – I have never seen anything so beautifully detailed and what a labour of love! There are not enough superlatives to express my admiration. Really well done!

  5. Charming Miniature Mouse Tree House Says:

    […] many good ones that I had a hard time deciding which one to show youLook this one over then head to Maddie Chambers’ blog to see Miniature Mouse Tree House for all the details on how she created this […]

  6. maeve Says:

    Gosh what talent you have, simply astonishing, Well done,

  7. Ginny M Says:

    This is amazing!! I love those stories and my girls would love a treehouse like this!! Any chance you would make one to sell?

  8. Pigeon Heart Says:

    I love this!! Fabulous work.

  9. Martha Weaver Says:

    Wow! First I saw your Mouse house, and thought ‘Brambly Hedge’, and it was. I was really impressed – then I saw your Baggins House – it’s wonderful! You are very gifted; the attention to detail is outstanding. I have done many crafts including spinning and dyeing fibre, then knotting, weaving, knitting or crocheting objects, but not in miniature.

  10. Mimi Says:

    I grew up reading Brambly Hedge books and spent many hours of my childhood imagining what it would be like to explore those tree houses. What amazing work you have done!

  11. Penny Says:

    This is most fascinating and beautiful little treehouse. Thank you for including photos of closeups of the rooms, as well as of the construction. I loved all the furniture & decorative touches. The little bottles in the pantry were wonderful; and the wonderful china bath tub must have been quite a find. Fabulous!

  12. Joyce Says:

    i want to live there! I’ve never read Brambly Hedge books but now in my 70’s I will! Thank you for sharing your talented work and how you made this fantastic tree house. Superlatives galore! My favorite “wee” stories as a child were “The Teenie Weenies” each week in the newspaper. Now more little wee friends and their creative living adventures ahead! You are an artist, indeed.

  13. Susan White Says:

    This is beautiful! What an inspiration to modelers everywhere. It does remind me of Frodo’s home too. Thank you!

  14. ClareyP Says:

    Hi Maddie – I am a journalist who would love to write about this. Can you email me, clare@wenn.com

  15. Debbie Says:

    I just saw your Lord of the Rings Bag End house. Unbelievable. Don’t let anyone ever criticize what you did. It was amazing. Let them try to make anything even close to one of the rooms you did. I am just enthralled by what you did. Congrats and hope you got an “A+”.

  16. Karen Says:

    Love your projects! What about a “Fairy House”? Would love to see what you could create!

  17. Nicole Says:

    Wow!! You are amazing and your work is spectacular!! You have evoked my imagination! If I could afford it, I would buy this house in a second! You have done a wonderful job! Xx

  18. Lauren Says:

    Unbelievable!! I want to live in your mouse house :-). I, too, thought it was real bark. You have amazing talent…

  19. Stephanie Woodland Says:

    I showed my family your beautiful work, and we are so impressed! This is truly a gift. There is a story line from CSI (crime show) that had a villian called the ‘minature killer’, where he would leave behind exact replicas in minature of the crime scene; i use to tease my husband that he could be like that, with his attention to details, and interest in making tiny notes etc. Needless to say, he thought these are genius, and kinda has a crush on you for what you can do…good thing you are in England, and we are in Canada 🙂 thank you for sharing these pics!

  20. Cara Williams Says:

    Wow! This is really AWESOME! Such great detail! You are very gifted.

  21. angle Says:

    I have added your treehouse to my favorite Pins on Pinterest … You are my hero! Beautiful work!

  22. Leilani Says:

    Maddie, this is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! I am in love with this one. I love everything about it. The detail in each room is outstanding and I love that I can see everything close up so an extra thank you for that too. What great talent! such imagination and attention to detail.
    I would love my group members to see this.

  23. Jackie in USA Says:

    This is a gorgeous house. Your work is simply wonderful. It is such
    a joy to see this. Your talent and skill is awesome.

  24. Lucy Coles Says:

    Your house is amazing…I am very impressed with the construction.

  25. Jacklyn Says:

    My 10 year old daughter and I just came across this wonderful house, on pinterest…It is so sweet, magical and you did a beautiful job! Thank you for sharing 😉 😉

  26. Pat Says:

    I am going to highlight this wonderfully creative project on my blog by putting the url on my daily blog. And I am going to encourage my readers to see your magnificent stuff.


    • janet potin Says:

      Hi, thank you for sharing your story how you came to make your wonderful mini treehouse! Really amazing i am from the Netherlands and i have a simular story about how i always loved the drawings of these little mise! I love your artwork. Greetz from holland Janet Potin

      Verstuurd vanaf de fantastische iPhone 3Gs van Janet Potin

      Op 6 mrt. 2013 om 18:06 heeft “My Miniature Mouse Tree House” het volgende geschreven:


  27. Begüm Says:

    wowww Gorgeous!!!

  28. Mary Says:

    Wonderful!!! My Mom read the same books to me when I was little and I now read them to my grandchildren!!!

  29. Roxana Ica Suteu Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS,..You did a very good job,you are indeed very talented lady,to work with every tiny bitty piece of the little mouse’s house,including the little furniture,dishes,lamps,and every tiny things that you put in that little house.You mentioned that the mouse house it’s for sale,and the price is 1.999 Euro.How much does it cost the mouse house in dollars bills?.

  30. Roxana Ica Suteu Says:

    Do you still wanna sell it(the mouse house)?.

  31. Roxana Ica Suteu Says:

    I am so in love with that movie The Lord Of The Rings,and those hobbits houses from that movie,and the other new movie,The Hobbits:Unexpected Journey.Can you make a tiny hobbit house,same like you did the mouse house(with tiny little tings in the house,things that the hobbits have in their houses,in that movie Hobbits;Unexpected Journey),and a little hobbit inside in the hobbit’s house?. I think I was giving you a good ideea for your next project,an ideea that many people will like when your project will be done,and they will see the hobbit’s house.Most likely,many people haven’t even think about this ideea of you making a hobbit house,this is my ideea,is quite unique,and spontaneous.

  32. Nubia lopes Says:

    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho , é magnifico o dom que Deus lhe deu , é de se perder em meios aos detalhes , parabéns meu nome é Núbia Lopes sou do Brasil e fiquei encantada

  33. Marlene Burns Says:

    My granddaughter and I watched the making of this together and were both blown away. I am a big LOTR fan. Can just see Bilbo knocking around in there.

  34. Janet Potin de Koning Says:

    Wonderful work You inspired me to go on with my miniature tree/dollhouse thanks a lot to show your lovely webpage!
    greetz from Holland Janet

  35. http://tinyurl.com/359imoore55078 Says:

    I really intend to book mark this particular post, “About me & other projects My Miniature Mouse Tree House” on my very own blog.
    Would you mind in case I reallydo it? Thanks ,Oliver

  36. Anita Says:

    Incredible doesn’t begin to describe it! I wish I was independently wealthy I would by it in a heartbeat for my future grandchildren! Frankly I think your selling yourself short on the price! Its a steal at twice that! Thank you for sharing and if I ever do become wealthy I will be looking you up!

  37. Christy Says:

    Love your work!!! It brought back the books for me..I wanna make it too!

  38. Christine Ivy Says:

    You just may be the coolest person in the world. Just sayin’!

  39. Marie-Claire Says:

    Your work is incredible… Congratulations ! I am a fan of the LOTR movies and Bilbo, and was amazed by your great Bag End house. As someone else said earlier, I think this piece of art is worth much more. I hope you can have lots of fun on many projects i the future… for the pleasure of our eyes !

  40. Pat Says:

    You are simply awesome – absolutely want to live in there 🙂

  41. Barb Flavin Says:

    Your talent is only shadowed by your generosity in sharing how you created these amazing works of art. Thank you so much for your many detailed photos and your descriptions of what you tried, what worked, what failed, etc. What an amazing imagination and generous heart you have! Thank you!

  42. Bobbie Danino Says:

    just an amazing mouse house!

  43. Diane Lyndon Says:

    I could live happily in that house….love love love miniatures.

  44. julie Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Jealous I am of your amazing talent!

  45. Herbert Says:

    I have seen your work i can only say sensationell
    From austria

  46. Maya Says:

    Brambley Hedge is a treasure from my childhood. You have captured it perfectly! You truly have a gift. Someday when I have children of my own, I would love to commission you for some work!

  47. Miniature Mouse Tree Dolls House inspired by Brambly Hedge | My Miniature Mouse Tree House Says:

    […] house has now been sold if you are interested in any of my other work, please check my blog HERE or  email me at […]

  48. bianca wilms Says:

    Love this mousehouse and will try to make it for my daughter thanks for lettin us know how you make it hugs from germany

  49. vicky Says:

    wow, unbelievable. I love this house. What a great animal den it would be for my granddaughter that loves her animals- with a few indoor changes to make each level a different book, Goldilocks and 3 bears, Little Red Riding Hood, The three little Pigs…Not sure I could ever accomplish this but could you tell me how you used the chicken wire and shaped the house? I know you are busy so no worries if you can’t. Happy Holidays from Pennsylvania USA

  50. Patty Says:

    You are amazing, I really mean that, you are a wonderful artist. I love your work, I cannot stop going thru the pictures, I can also see the beautiful work your twins did. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful work of art with me and everyone else, it is such a treat to look at. I can see myself walking thru the house and of course I have to touch everything. It is just so beautiful, It belongs in a magazine or a museum for miniatures, have you ever thought about it. I don’t know if the author of the book is still alive but I was just wondering if she has ever seen what you made from her drawing, what a compliment, it doesn’t get any better than that. Good luck in your next venture, I will be following you I hope you don’t mind I can’t wait for the next project……Patty

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