About me & other projects

I live in Chesterfield England and currently work part-time in IT support (gave up working full time after I had twin boys in 2007)

I play guitar (acoustic and electric) and my favourite music is rock music – Guns N Roses, Metallica, Stone Sour, Incubus etc.  I also love the exercise classes I go to – Kickboxing, Body Combat, Zumba etc

I love animals and have lots of pets and I like painting and drawing as well as other crafts.

Here is a link to my other project (the only other miniature I have ever done)

http://madsgingerbreadhouse.wordpress.com – for sale

You can connect with me on Twitter @maddsrocks https://twitter.com/maddsrocks

and a couple of  pictures of me 🙂

Pirate costume for a fancy dress party 🙂

73 Responses to “About me & other projects”

  1. Patrizia Says:

    I’m Italian, so excuse me for my bad English 🙂 I want tell you I’m enchanted!! You are really great artist!! I love your work!! You make me dream!! BRAVISSIMA!!!

  2. Lacy Thomas Says:

    LOVE is not strong enough to express my feelings about your work. Creativity is one thing, but execution of the idea is quite another and your attention to detail is the “icing on the cake.” I’m going to attempt to mimic your work and may email you with some questions – my primary creations are “real” birdhouses with artistic/historical themes (facebook: Coops D’ Villas) but I want to ‘branch out’ (pun intended) into Fae/Fantasy realms.

  3. Nayah Says:

    I’m in awe and there are no words,you have an amazing God given talent,I wish I could own the Treehouse so badly! My daughter and I are Brambly Hedge fans and for us to see it come off the page warms the heart. The only problem is my daughter seems to think I can make it too ! saying “the pictures are there how to,you can do it mum” LOL . Amazing work keep on creating such detailed projects,they make you escape and dream,in a much needed crazy world.

  4. Lori DeBoer Says:

    Beautiful house. Every child should have one….even us older ones…… 🙂

  5. Xanadu Says:

    Hi Maddie,
    You must have the patience of a saint! This is project is absolutely wonderful too, the detail you put in to each of your projects is so precise. I hope you continue making & sharing, as your work is appreciated by so many people around the globe…you really are an inspiration, thank you.

  6. shavonte chestnut Says:

    I would love to purchase some of ur work

  7. Raheelah jones Says:

    Your an amazing talent, I was looking through pictures of tree houses as it is my sons birthday soon and had the intention of creating a little village for woodland creatures, gnomes, elves and fairies… I had an idea of what I was looking for until I came across your treehouse, that completely blows anything I had previously seen out of the water.

    I perused your pictures and directions of how you made it hoping that I maybe able to replicate it, put simply, I just do not have your talent. If you are still making projects of a similar nature please contact me as I would be very interested in purchasing one of your creations.

  8. Saira Says:

    This mouse house is a dream!! How much did you sell it for? And would u make one again?

  9. Jack Says:

    You seem a really interesting person! I love animals and play the guitar too! The miniature tree house is super cool! nice work :).

  10. favoricanta Says:

    Magnificient. http://www.favoricanta.com

  11. Éric-Ange Says:

    Absolutely lovely ! That’s what you and your work are.


  12. myra Says:

    What can I say .( Its Amazing well done ) .

  13. Dolors Says:

    Impresionante árbol , felicidades es precioso…..

  14. heath Says:

    I get all stunned and emotional looking at your work. It’s gorgeous, amazing, skillful, masterful, gushworthy!

  15. Antonia Tarnaroutskaya Says:

    So imaginative 🙂 I enjoyed the pictures very much :)))))) Very talented :)))

  16. Alysia Merrell Says:

    Rattling good info can be found on weblog . “I believe in nothing, everything is sacred. I believe in everything, nothing is sacred.” by Tom Robbins.

  17. Best Promosyon Çanta Says:


  18. Karen Mysko Says:

    I am a prairie woman, living in a very small village near the Duck Mountains in Canada. My neighbour comes from Nottingham UK and, like you, knows the Sherwood Forest and, like you, is very creative. Picking stone by stone he has created a beautiful work in project, just about ready to be thatched. His work and imagination, like yours, is one-of-a-kind. The story of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest really stirs the imagination. Continue the enchanting work! Karen, near the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border on the Canadian prairies.

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